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5 tips on how to implement a successful MES System

A free 17-page guide with 5 tips that will help you transform your company into Industry 4.0

Today many companies are looking at smart manufacturing and are interested in transforming their business into Industry 4.0. There are those who do it to better face the competition on national and foreign markets, while those who want to take advantage of the tax incentives of super-depreciation and hyper-depreciation.

From production control to warehouse management, there are many areas that are touched by MES software - an acronym for Manufacturing Execution System - for the digitalisation of production processes.

For a project Smart Manufacturing the first step is to standardize the processes, verify who the actors are, who has the skills and authority to determine the layout of your processes. This analysis will allow you to reduce waste, increase efficiency and better support operators in daily procedures. When we talk about processes, we are referring to the beating heart of industrial activity: production, logistics, quality, safety, plant maintenance which are all part of a single entity.

For larger companies the scenario changes: from a smart manufacturing project we move on to a smart planning project, where the focus is no longer only on the processes but on the locations, which need to be seen and managed as a single large industrial entity, but let's start step by step.

Find out how you can transform your company into Industry 4.0. Download this 17-page guide that will guide you to understand the right foundations of an MES project for production management.

Here's what you'll find inside the guide:

  1. How does my company work today? The production department not only on paper
  2. Technology? Let's focus on people and processes first
  3. Password of an MES 4.0 System: communication
  4. Roadmap for the implementation of an MES 4.0 system
  5. ROI: Meaning and tangible benefits

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